Bad Car Credit And You

Bad Car Credit And You

In order for many of us to bring home a salary, we need to get back and forth from work with our cars. They are certainly a very big tool which we use daily. We should make timely payments but, what happens when you choose just to let the payments go? Can you live with the fact that you have bad car credit?

When it came time for you to get your initial loan for the vehicle, you made all kinds of promises. You signed papers stating that you would get good insurance and make sure to send in the bills before the due date. So, what has happened now? Why have you stopped paying your car note?

Sadly, many people have lost jobs in the course of the past few years. It has not been a pretty sight and many people have come under scrutiny for getting bad credit scores. But, these people did not choose to stop paying. They had to keep food on their family’s table. What about people who simply get tired of paying the bills on their cars? Do they deserve the same treatment as those actually keep trying to pay their bills?

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The option to use credit is definitely a reward for keeping the bills paid. Credit had its beginnings so that people with money, could loan their money to those who did not have money, and that in a certain period of time, that money was paid back with a little extra. This is how it works, plain and simple.

If you decide to quit paying on your loan, just because you can, you make it quite hard on those who really need the money but, can not get a loan for lack of trust. What lending facility will trust people, if those people do not give them a reason to be trusted? Would you trust anyone if you loaned them money and they never gave it back? Of course, you would not!

Maybe you have fallen on tough times and need assistance in paying your bills. Then it is up to you to call the lender and see if they will give you payments which are lower, or will come up with another way to help you. There is no reason for you not to let them know anything. This is not fair and you would not want to be treated this way. The car belongs to them until you pay the last note.

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